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What Is The Profit Blogging Blueprint ?


The Profit Blogging Blueprint teaches people the essentials of building and maintaining a successful and enduring blogging business. We start with the basics - identifying your market and developing your sales message - and finish with strategies that help you manage your growing business effectively.

We also show you show you how to build automated income funnels that helps you reach your target market, stoke their interest in your offer, build trust, and finally sell them on your offers. Once you know how to build good funnels, you can build a huge income stream around your blog.


In this comprehensive, 12 step blog monetization program, people will learn:

  1. How to choose a profitable niche that you’ll enjoy
  2. How to identify a market that will actually pay for your product
  3. How to conduct market research, so you don’t waste time and energy on the wrong product or the wrong audience
  4. How to position yourself as expert authority, even if you’re new to your niche
  5. How and where to set up your blog
  6. How to use email marketing to build a list and accelerate your earnings
  7. How to develop an income funnel that produces steady, predictable profits
  8. How to create and sell your own product – so you build your brand and keep more of the profits
  9. How to successfully market affiliate products
  10. How to produce enough of the right content for your blog
  11. How to generate useful traffic
  12. How to outsource tasks to save time, boost your efficiency, and get difficult things done quickly

I never knew half the stuff being taught in this video tutorial, it's no wonder so many people I meet fail to make money online. It's because they are not given this type of information. I was making some pretty good money with my blog, but with some great tips from this blueprint I was able to triple my income and go from $2,500.00 a month to over $7,500.00.

Rachael Chan

After watching The Profit Blogging Blueprint I was very impressed with the information and details given. The step by step blueprint was easy to understand and follow and within weeks we were generating a very good income. By learning how to attract the right audience and implementing a sales funnel our blog practically runs itself. It's been only 4 months and we are making $5,000.00 every month.

Martha and Colin Atkins

I'm a single mother just barely getting by with what I was making. I started a blog on health and nutrition to see if I could earn some extra cash. After 6 months of posting content and using Adsense I made next to nothing. I came across this blueprint and decided to give it another try. I created a video tutorial, found the right audience and started to generate some real money. I'm so excited so far I've made over $10,000.00.

Anne Marie Jordan

When my wife purchased The Profit Blogging Blueprint I was very skeptical at first, but once I watched the tutorials, I knew it was truly different from the other programs I bought before. These blogging strategies really works, a great way to earn extra cash with a blog or website and so far my wife and I use the extra income to help pay off the mortgage on our new house. I currently make $5,135.00 a month.

Nick Parathos

How Do I Get Paid As An Affiliate ?

We use ClickBank to run our affiliate program. We Pay You 50% Commission for every sale that you refer to our website.

1) You will need to be a member of in order to become an affiliate. Click here to go to

2) After you become a member, simply insert your ClickBank username into the following link where you see the z's.

3) After inserting your affiliate ID into the link above, simply promote this link on YouTube, websites, blogs, emails, banners, search engines and anywhere else on the web. Below you will find many tools and resources you can use to promote your link. In each of the codes and resources be sure to replace the "z's" with your affiliate ID. This way you can be sure that you will get paid for every single sale you make!

4) Your affiliate url will bring your customers to an informational page which engages them to sign up for a tutorial webinar with a high converting sales pitch. This will lead them to the sales page PLUS the two upsells. All this tracked and tagged using ‘Easy Click Mate’ with commissions paid through ClickBank.

5) Once you've signed up to be my affiliate partner, scroll down to the Traffic Training Bootcamp below and learn some cool strategies on how to take my swipe files and generate a ton of traffic and make money with The Profit Blogging Blueprint.


Here Are All Your Affiliate Tools To Help
Promote 'The Profit Blogging Blueprint'

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Banner Ads To Help You Sell More

Profit Blogging Blueprint


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Profit Blogging Blueprint


Text Ads To Help You Sell More

Use these ads as is, chop them up to make them shorter, combine them to make them longer,
or do whatever you want with them to promote The Profit Blogging Blueprint (they're pretty awesome ads, if I do say so myself)...

Instant Traffic Bootcamp

How To Get Traffic Using Paid Advertisement

The way I see it, virtually every serious business in the world spends money to advertise. Free advertising is great, and I'll show you some free methods down below. But they take more time ... And the absolute biggest disappointment in my opinion for most new online marketers is not seeing any growing results within their first few months.

So here's what I recommend. Figure out ASAP what you can afford to spend per month on running paid ads, like solo ads, banner ads and Facebook ads. Most of your ads when set up properly will run on total autopilot.

Maybe you can afford $50 a month. Maybe $100. Maybe $500. I dunno. But whatever the case, set it aside and be SMART about it. Don't just think any old ad will work. Spend your money wisely just like you'd spend it wisely anywhere else. Advertising online isn't magic. You still want to test small and THEN go big.

And if you don't have ANY ad budget at all right now, then skip to the FREE methods and be prepared to spend a bit more time advertising. Here's the thing: The reason paid ads such as Solo Ads cost money is because other people have ALREADY spent their own time building a list or getting regular daily traffic to their website. So they're able to charge you a fee because they're sharing their traffic with you - the traffic that took them time and money to build. If you’re paying for Facebook ads, you are instantly leveraging the billion accounts in Facebook’s database ... So if you do free advertising only, you generally can't expect to get the same amount of traffic so quickly.

Using "Solo Ads"

A solo ad is similar to sending out an email. You look for a directory of email list owners that will run YOUR email "solo ad" to their list of subscribers for a fee. So essentially, it's like you're renting their list for a day. You schedule a day and time, and they'll blast your ad out to every single person on their email list at once. It could be thousands, or even tens of thousands of people on a given list, which in turn can get you a ton of traffic really fast.

Just be careful. You don't want to get too excited, and buy a "solo ad" to some massive list for say, $600 bucks and then be out that money if the list doesn't perform well. You can find and run ads for as little as $10, and start SMALL. Test the waters and see how it goes. You could even contact one of the bigger lists and see if they'll send out to a PORTION of their list for you, for a much smaller fee. That can be a really good trick for finding out how well the WHOLE list will convert, some people will allow you to do this and some won't.

Another option is to run cheaper "Top Sponsor Ads," which are basically classified style ads that are sent out within an article - or something similar that the list owner is sending to subscribers. This differs from a solo ad in that solos are sent out with no other content...JUST the ad itself is sent out. Solo ads are more expensive than top sponsor ads, obviously.

Another thing I recommend before paying for a solo (or any kind of traffic, for that matter) is to get references. Find out how well other advertisers' email ads have done, what type of product they were promoting, etc. You should also ask list owners if they've run ads recently for similar products that you're promoting to their list. If so it might be better to come back and use them a few months later.

And lastly, you can often BARGAIN for good deals, such as double mailings (on two separate days), etc. Just by asking, I've received as much as a 50% discount! The worst they can say is "no," and you've risked absolutely nothing. A great place to start is to Google your niche and add “solo ads mailing” at the end or type in “solo ad directories” to get a list of places where you can join and find people willing to send out solo ads for you.

If somehow you missed it or skipped past it, you'll find email swipes (email promos) above that you can use for promoting The Profit Blogging Blueprint through solo ads. You'll also find ad copies that you can use for top sponsor ads - you can chop 'em up, mix and match, or do whatever you want there. But with the solo ads specifically, they are "copy and paste ready"... Just insert your Clickbank affiliate link where indicated, and you're good to go!

Here are some FREE places to find solo ads that come highly recommended:

  • Solo Ezine Directory
  • Find Many Solo Ad Offers In The JV Section Of
  • Google Results For 'Solo Ads'
  • Formidable Marketer Solo Ads

Using "Facebook Ads"

The sheer size of Facebook is just too big to ignore, which makes it very worthy to pursue. However, Facebook is usually very picky about offers related to making money online, but the beauty of promoting The Profit Blogging Blueprint is that you get access to promoting a free video tutorial which Facebook is TOTALLY COOL with and will approve your ads within minutes.

The most powerful feature of using Facebook Ads is the ability to reach your perfect audience with each ad. Using “Precise Interests” you can target the audience of other Fan pages that are directly relevant to your ad. For instance you can promote the text ads we’ve provided above to followers on Internet marketing Fan Pages like John Chow, Bryan Winters, Jeff Walker, Frank Kern and Mike Filsaime.

A word of advice, when you are targeting Fan Pages, make sure you do your homework and research what those Fan Pages are posting and see if the comments people are posting are relevant to the audience you want to target. You’d be surprised how many miss this step and start to target what they think are the right Fan Pages, only to figure out later on that the Fan Pages weren’t even relevant to the topic.

When it comes to bidding, I usually go over the suggested bid so that I can be the first one ranked on advertising column. For the estimated reach I always try to go for a reach in the range of 250,000 – 500,000. This allows my ad to gain exposure and be seen by many relevant people. Now not everything you target will be able to generate that far of a reach, don’t be discouraged, as long as you focus on targeting the right Fan Pages, you should see some good results even if your reach is only 50,000 people.

Using "Banner Ads"

Banner ads are pretty good because you run them on other relevant websites, and they just "sit there" making you money as people click and order. You can Google search "internet marketing + advertise with us" and do similar searches to find endless blogs and sites willing to place your banner ads.

One other thing, lots of website owners don't even consider the space they have - where they could be placing banner ads for a fee. You can totally take advantage of this. For example, a popular Internet marketing related site might be willing to place your banner ad for Profit Blogging Blueprint inside their member area, or on their product download page, where active paying members and customers are coming and going every day... So it's the PERFECT market, and there's a great chance you could swing a really good deal since such website owners often aren't focused on making money from placing banner ads (they're instead focused on selling their featured products. I've found some awesome deals with way - it works! ...People CLICK your banner. And they either join your list, or order, or do both. Again, it takes some digging to find the right deals and the right sites, but it's WORTH IT.

You’ll find a bunch of banners to use above that you can use for promoting The Profit Blogging Blueprint through on other relevant Internet Marketing blogs and websites.

Using ""

Fiverr is a website where people offer a wide variety of products and services for $5 each. What you're interested here, of course, is exposure and traffic. So for example, you'd want to search for sellers offering tweets to their Twitter followers ... Or updates to their Facebook profile with thousands of friends ... Or ads placed on Facebook Fan Pages with thousands of fans ... And similar traffic related offers.

What you want to make sure to do is look at the feedback of a given Fiverr seller, before buying. Yes, it's just $5, but you still want to make it count. So also do your best to look for targeted advertising - even if loosely targeted - meaning those who would be interested in making money online. You're not going to get much action if, for example, you have a tweet about 5FigureDay sent to a following of Smurf doll collectors! ;)

Following are some Fiverr search results links with advertising offers that might be of interest to you, but I'm sure you'll want to do your own searches as well...

  • Fiverr Search On Keyword 'Tweet'
  • Fiverr Search On Keyword 'Fanpage'
  • Fiverr 'Social Marketing' Category

Also note that in general, the kind of traffic you get on Fiverr is not going to be comparable to the quality you can get through solo ads and banner ads, etc. - because the latter traffic is going to be much more targeted to a specific audience (in our case people looking to make money online). I say this because I don't want you to run a couple ads on, and then totally give up if they don't work. I've made sales on But I have also had ads totally bomb. This is the way it is with all advertising, which is why testing is important, but it's all the more true on Fiverr simply because of the nature of the service.


Getting Traffic Without Spending Money


Using "Ad Swaps"

Ad ad swap strategy applies to those who have their own email list or list building website. What I recommend is starting out with a list of at least 200-300 subscribers. Once you've have an email list of at least several hundred subscribers, you can begin doing FREE ad swaps with other email list owners.

You can easily find fellow list owners through the resources provided below, and contact them to propose an ad swap. The way ad swaps work is simple: You send their email ad to your list, and they send your ad (for The Profit Blogging Blueprint) to their list.

This is one of the reasons why building your own list is so hugely valuable! If you’re new and just starting out, we do have a squeeze page template that you can use to start building your email list. Of course, you can use any one of the high converting email swipes above when doing ad swaps.

When initiating an ad swap with somebody, here’s a little template letter that you might find useful ...

Hey guys...

I have a small but fresh and active Internet
marketing list of [x number of subscribers],
who are interested in list building and making
money online. I have openings to do ad swaps
with anybody with a list of approximately the
same size, and who has a quality free offer to
promote. Mine will also be a free offer that
your list will totally love. Please PM with
your details and thanks!

~ Firstname

I recommend that you not do more than 2 or max 3 swaps per week to your email list. And make sure to choose quality offers that your subscribers can benefit from. You can always politely turn down an ad swap if you don't like the offer you're being asked to send out.

Here are some ad swap resources to get you started, but remember there's more if you search Google, search Internet marketing forums, etc...

  • Find Many Ad Swaps In The JV Section Of
  • (Paid Service, But The ULTIMATE Ad Swap Community)
  • Google Search Results For 'Ad Swaps'

Using "Social Media"

Another free way is to use your social media accounts. You can send out the same email and text files from above using your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Many of your friends might be interested in starting up a blog and making money online so you can recommend that they take a look at the free video tutorial.

You can get some easy, instant exposure for your affiliate link by posting updates to your personal Facebook page - any time you want. You can also participate on Facebook pages (or in FB groups) related to Internet marketing and making money online. Note that I said participate...meaning hit and run advertising or spam of any kind is not allowed. You want to contribute useful information or insight into discussions going on, and then when the time feels right, mention The Profit Blogging Blueprint.

On Twitter, you can follow people involved with Internet marketing, blogging, affiliate marketing, etc. and in doing so, get a list of your OWN Twitter followers - since many people that you follow will follow you right back. It's very easy to build Twitter accounts with 1,000+ followers, at which point and along the way you can post tweets promoting the free video tutorial and the free video tutorial will convert them into buyers and giving you a commission.

To "Your Success"

I hope that I’ve given you enough tools and tutelage to help you succeed as my partner and make a ton of money. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Jimmy who is the JV manager for this project, over at for assistance on any matter especially if you need help on banners, swipes or installing tracking codes etc etc.

Thank you very much for your support, and it's great to have you on my team!



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